The Highway Primary School

Modern Foreign Language     


Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity, provides an opening to other cultures and can be a vehicle for overcoming disadvantage. Through the learning of a language we promote students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of different countries, people, culture, history, literature and arts. We challenge students to consider their own identity and place in the world and to appreciate and empathise with different ways of seeing the world. Learning a language is cognitively challenging. This can be highly rewarding for a child and enhance their confidence in their own learning.

Developing basic skills in speaking and listening throughout their primary education allows pupils to communicate with others within their own community and whilst travelling. Ultimately, it empowers pupils to be able to pursue a second language at secondary school, and a vast range of further education and employment opportunities, including those abroad.




Curriculum Statement for the Teaching and Learning of French 2020/2021