The Highway Primary School



The maths curriculum at The Highway is created with the primary purpose of meeting and catering for the needs of all the children within the school and providing them with the necessary skills & knowledge to ensure they can become successful in their future endeavours. 

We want all our children to go on to feel a successful part of a working global community and feel that by developing independent thinking and creativity within maths we are enhancing their ability to do so.   

We believe all our mathematicians should feel challenged throughout lessons by our pedagogical approach to ‘Maths Mastery’ in terms of coherence, representation and structure, mathematical thinking, fluency and variation alongside our commitment to meeting the statutory requirements for EYFS & The National Curriculum. 

Our maths ethos is rooted in oracy and vocabulary through explanation and reasoning as well as in assisting our children to prepare for a diverse and inclusive world where they feel valued, visible and equal and can carry that kind approach forward into the wider world.



Curriculum Statement for the Teaching and Learning of Maths 2020/2021 

Calculation Policy