The Highway Primary School

Electronic Mail

School/Home Communications and Online Payments System

We try very hard to keep parents constantly informed about what is going on in school and we use a company called Schoolcomms to send out emails and text messages to parents.

School Gateway is the Schoolcomms online parent portal. Parents can view information, respond to school requests, book on to school trips, breakfast or after-school clubs, and make payments.

You can access School Gateway online or via the smartphone app. You can view all of your children via one account – even if they are at different schools.

To register, all you will need is your email address and mobile phone number (these need to be the same as in our school records for you) and you will then be sent a 4 digit PIN number.

To log in, you will just need your email address and the PIN number – it really is very simple!

Download the free Schoolgateway App, available on iOS (link to store) and Android (link to store) phones:

Benefits of the App include:

  • Receive school messages instantly
  • See all school communications on one easy feed (not buried in a busy email inbox!)
  • Receive automatic reminders and alerts to make online payments or top up dinner money
  • Receive in app notification - so you'll never miss a school message again!