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Our computing vision is to support children in becoming creative, independent learners and ensure they develop a healthy relationship with technology. At The Highway, we value and recognise the contribution that technology can make for the benefit of all. We strive to provide safe opportunities in computing to motivate, inspire and raise standards across the curriculum. Everyone in our school community will be equipped with the digital skills to meet developing technology with confidence, enthusiasm and prepare them for a future in an ever-changing world.

We want our children to be creators and innovators not just mere consumers of digital content. Our children are taught to understand that technology is an integral part of modern life and the key to the future is to harness and understand technology’s potential. Computing is a constantly evolving subject that involves solving complex problems, being able to collaborate with others, learn from mistakes and refine solutions.

At The Highway, we believe safety is paramount. We promote and model a balanced digital life, recognising that amongst the many positives that technology has to offer, risks exist and children need to be taught to manage their digital lives properly. We strive to model and educate our children to use technology creatively, positively, responsibly and safely. Our curriculum supports the key aims of the government’s Internet Safety Strategy (Digital Literacy / UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) framework) of supporting children to stay safe and make a positive contribution online, as well enabling teachers to develop effective strategies for understanding and handling online risks.


Curriculum Statement for the Teaching and Learning of Computing 2020/2021

The Highway Primary School Vocabulary Progression - Computing


A fundamental component of the children's learning will be to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to keep themselves safe online. 

You can read our Computing Policy which incudes E-Safety here.

Furthermore, below you will find links to some very helpful websites for keeping children safe online, particularly on social media and when gaming: