The Highway Primary School

Physical Education    


At The Highway Primary School we recognise the importance of providing first-class physical education opportunities to our children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development as well as the pivotal role it can play in a child’s holistic development.  We aspire for our children to be able to perform and create with increasing confidence and competence a range of physical activities which in turn will lead to them thinking, selecting and applying skills and promoting attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. 

We aim to make our physical education opportunities varied within team, individual, cooperative and competitive activities and to cater for all the individual needs of our children.  Daily physical activity plays a key role in the life of a child at The Highway Primary School including activities at break-time, lunchtime, through extra-curricular activities and through our belief in a kinaesthetic approach to learning.



Curriculum Statement for the Teaching and Learning of Physical Education 2020/2021