The Highway Primary School

Physical Education 

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your body and your mood”

- Unknown-


At The Highway Primary School we recognise the importance of providing first-class physical education opportunities to develop our children’s physical and mental health.  We aspire for our children to be able to perform and create with increasing confidence and competence at a range of physical activities which in turn will lead to them selecting, applying and evaluating their own skills, and those of others. We are determined to deliver a curriculum that instils a lifelong love for sport and exercise which promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum aims to improve the well-being and fitness of all children, not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning of sporting values such as fairness, respect, cooperation, collaborative and competitive teamwork and sporting values.

We make our physical education opportunities varied within team, individual, cooperative and competitive activities and to cater for all the individual needs of our children, including those who have special educational needs, disabilities, English as an additional language or those who are gifted and talented. 

Our P.E curriculum promotes diversity and inclusion where children are celebrated and the individuals taking part feel valued and respected for being who they are. We want our children to understand that sport is for everyone, irrespective of background, race, gender, culture, and for everyone to achieve their own goals and potential, which is why we seize every opportunity to highlight sporting icons from diverse backgrounds.


We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which includes comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum for Physical Education in KS1 and KS2, as well as physical development in EYFS. Throughout their time at our school, children progress their knowledge, skills and understanding of:

  • Dance
  • Games- basketball, football, tennis, hockey, cricket and rounders
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming and water safety
  • Athletics

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, the school has a varied programme of enriching extra-curricular sports activities, which we are very proud of, including both boys and girls football teams, netball, cricket, gymnastics, and hockey to name but a few.

All children at The Highway are encouraged to compete against each other, individually and within teams across a range of P.E. and sporting activities. Our children have opportunities to represent the school in a range of competitions throughout their time at The Highway.  Some of these are competitive team or individual competitions and others are festivals or inclusion sports.

Each year at The Highway, we identify and train a team of Year 6 children as Play Leaders for our school.  They are tasked with assisting in the creation and maintenance of safe, fun and physically engaging playtimes for our children in KS1 and KS2.

We employ a team of experts called ‘Teach Sport’ who are able to provide both staff and children with invaluable insight into the teaching and education of PE.  The highly-skilled coaches will deliver lessons, help design curriculum content, tailor smaller group activities and clubs to the specific needs of the children.


Children will develop

  • Transferable skills - they will have the ability to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking.
  • A love and enjoyment of PE – develop a love of sport and physical activity which becomes part of their future life outside of primary school.
  • Healthy and active lifestyles - They will have the competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities and they will lead healthy and active lives and make positive life choices.
  • Positive attitudes to participation in physical activities and have embedded values such as fairness, respect, cooperation, collaborative teamwork, sporting values, competitive teamwork.
  • An awareness of inclusion and diversity – they understand that sport is for everyone, irrespective of background, race, gender and culture, everyone is able to achieve their own goals and potential, for all children.

This will be evident through pupil voice, evidence of knowledge and skills and the monitoring of the ambition behind the curriculum.




Curriculum Statement for the Teaching and Learning of Physical Education 2020/2021