The Highway Primary School

Extra Curricular Clubs


At The Highway we have a full programme of extra curricular clubs, taking place before school, at lunch time and after school.  We offer a wide variety of clubs including, Gymnastics, Football, Judo, Theatre Kids, Science, Forest School and Multi-Sports. 

Spring Term 2019

Please click here for a printable pdf timetable of the clubs running Spring Term 2019.

Clubs Letters

Please click on your chosen clubs for an individual letter containing dates, details of any fees and how to apply. 

If a payment is due or if just consent is required, this can be made online via School Gateway with effect from 1st September, unless the club is run by an outside provider - details on each letter in this respect.

Monday Lunchtime
KS2 Multi-Sports - (changed from KS1)
KS1 Mindfulness

Monday After School
Football (Yrs 1-6) - (please apply direct as per link on Teachsport flyer)

Tuesday Lunchtime
KS1 Gymnastics
KS2 Mindfulness

Tuesday After School
Basketball/Indoor Cricket (Yrs 1-6) -  please apply direct to Teachsport as per link on flyer)
Theatre Kids - (all year groups)

Wednesday Lunchtime
KS2 Cricket Club 
KS2 Science Club (new time of Wednesday lunchtime - just for KS2 pupils, 5 weeks from 9th Jan 2019)
KS2 Eco Club (5 weeks starting 27th February - free)

Wednesday After School
KS2 Choir 

Thursday After School
Forest School Club (5 weeks from 28th February, in second half of the term)
KS2 Sewing

Friday Lunchtime
KS2 Gymnastics

Friday After School
Multi-Sports for Years 1-6 

Mrs Shaw and Mr Lloyd will let the children know when Coding Club and Art Club will resume.